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Order Guidelines

Sample Policy

We offer samples for all the products for customers‘ test and evaluation. We can also do logo imprint and data services for sample orders. Set-up charges, sample fees and shipping cost are on customers‘s account. There are two ways of getting our samples.

1.The customers pay the sample fees and provide us with a/c no. with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT etc, we will send out the samples by frieght collect.

2.The customers pay both the sample fees and the shipping cost to us, we will pay the shipping cost at our end. It is cheaper to pay the air freight in China, so we suggest this method. Please tell us which courier you prefer, then we will give you an exact air freight cost before the payment.

Some customers may feel disappointed in our sample policy. Here are some reasons why we charge sample fees and shipping cost.

First, our products are all storage devices which are of high value especially those with high capacities.

Second, the Internet has many people looking for free items without the intent of a future purchase, this makes our products cost more to our good customers.

Third, the international air freight is too high to afford for hundreds of sample orders.

Order Process

Many overseas buyers consider it very complicated to import from us, actually it‘s very simple. We have simplified the process as 7 steps.


Step 1 Request for a quote

Fill out the Enquiry Form(s) alongside with the product (s) you are interested in, we will give you a quote within 24 hours (except holidays).

Step 2 Request for a sample/samples

Fill out the Enquiry Form(s) alongside with the product(s) you are interested in and tell us your specific requirements, we will give you a quote accordingly.

Step 3 Payment for the sample order

Transfer the payment to our company bank a/c and email/fax us your bank copy, we will arrange the sample(s) for you asap, not longer than one week.

Step 4 Sample(s) confirmed

Please inform us upon the receipt of the sample(s). We highly appreciate your comments on our products and services.

Step 5 Purchase an order

We welcome your official order after the confirmation of the sample(s). If you are unsatisfied with our products and/or the services, please specify the reasons, we will try our best to serve you better and look forward to the cooperation with you later on.

Step 6 Deposit or full payment before the production starts.

30% deposit is required before we start the production. Please check carefully about our company name, bank a/c and any other related information to speed up the payment. Many of the payments are delayed due to the wrong spelling of our company name and/or account no.. Full payment is welcomed because it takes more time to transfer the balance again.

Step 7 Shipment delivered with the balance received.

We will ensure the delivery in time or earlier before the required shipping date. Please make sure that the payment is already in our company bank a/c before the shipping date. During busy seasons like Christmas, the delivery time may be longer than usual. Clients will be informed with the tracking no. and other information related to the shipments.

Tips Before Your Order

To place an order, you need to make sure the following information:

Capacity:512MB to 8G is available for all the models. For other capacities, please click the individual product page to check if they are available. We may have some newest solutions to produce higher capacities, do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for updated information.

Colors:We have different standard colors for different models. Please click the individual product page to check the available colors. If you don‘t see specific colors which you want to match with your logo, please contact us for custom colors service.Click here to see what custom colors are.

Logo Imprint Options: Different products have different imprint options. Silk screening, full color printing, laser engraving,epoxy dome printing and heat stamping are the most popular methods we apply.Please click the individual product page to check the detailed imprint information.
Click here to better understand how different logo imprints look like.

Note: For the logo imprint, artwork is very important for accuracy, please read the following knowledge carefully.

Pantone Colors

We request Pantone colors for logo imprinting except black and white. If you do not have Pantone colors for your logo, please view our online PMS guide to select a Pantone color/Pantone colors. Because of manufacturing differences and digital color profiles, colors can be tricky when viewed on computer monitors. For example, dark blue on one monitor might look like purple on another.For best results, it is highly recommended that you use a Pantone Color Guide (ask your design department if they have a Pantone Color Guide handy) to choose the correct colors. Although we choose correct Pantone color(s) for logo imprint, the actual color(s) may differ a little from the one you see on the Pantone Color Guide due to different material surfaces.

Vector Artwork
Vector artwork is preferred for any logos especially those with more than one color. If you do not have a vector artwork file of your logo, please ask the person who originally created it. We highly recommend that you submit an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) file. Raster file artwork (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) will not be accepted for logos with more than one color. Any text that appears in your logo should either be embedded in the file or made into outlines. If a file is submitted without outlines, we cannot be held responsible for substituted or lost fonts.

Submit your logo

Please send the artwork to the sales representatives you contact with. If you have your own idea how to place your logo, we will do it strictly according to your requirements, including the imprint area and the size of the logo. If you do not specify size and/or imprint area on your purchase order, our designer will determine the appropriate size and placement based on your artwork and decorating method specified. We will send you a virtual sample with your logo on the products you are interested in within 24 hours(except holidays).

Data Services:Data services are unique features for USB flash drives as important promotional products. With preloaded files, non-erasable contents and autorun function, your company presentations and advertisements will be everywhere with the users.Click here to better understand how our unique data services enhance your corporate identity.

Accessories:All of our accessories are optional to meet customers‘s different requirements. From driver CD to USB extention cable, you can choose one or some of them, or just the product itself.
Click here to check the available accessories and decide what to choose.

Packaging:For different purposes we offer different packaging solutions. For retail, we recommend the retail boxes; for promotional use, we would suggest the tin retangle/cylinder. Of course, you may have your own idea- it‘s all up to you !Click here to check the available packaging and decide how your orders to be packed.

MOQ:Our MOQ for all the products, including USB flash drives,MP3 and MP4 players, is 100pcs per model with standard colors. We also know that some customers are new in the industry and require smaller quantity. We would like to offer the beginners with our best efforts. Please contact our professional sales representatives for more details about smaller quantity. We will have some specific models for your choice.(Note: For Usb flash drives, MOQ is 1,000pcs per order for European market. Mixed order is acceptable.)

Delivery time:We know that delivery time is very important in this fast changing industry. Our lead time is about 7 to 10 working days after the confirmation of the purchase order. The lead time may be longer during busy seasons. We will confirm the delivery time with you for each individual order.

Payment Terms

We require 30% deposit after the confirmation of the order(s) and the balance needs to be paid before the shipment(s). The reason is that all our products are of high value and shipped by air. We definitely lose the control of the merchandise after the delivery since express service is door to door. We recommend the full payment after the purchase order is confirmed. It takes more time to transfer the payment twice and cost more bank charges. We offer a limited credit to the customers who have more than one year‘s business relationship with us and have regular orders.

Shipping Terms

We suggest that we be in charge of the shipping because we have close business relationship with logistic companies/agents in China. Not only can they provide competitive prices, they can also ensure the prompt and satisfactory servies. We highly recommend that the clients buy the insurance to avoid loss if the couriers damage or lose the merchandise. Please check your order carefully when the courier deliver the package(s) to your door. If you find any damage or missing, please tell the courier right away and contact us asap, we will help solve the problem with the insurance company.


Our USB flash drives have 5 years warranty. All the other products including MP3, MP4 players and other electronics have one year‘s warranty. The warranty time is from the date the clients receive the merchandise. We are only responsible for the products which may prove defective under normal use. The clients need to pay the air freight/the postage one way, and we will pay the other. We suggest that the clients return the defective products by quarter or half a year to lower the shipping cost. We will issue an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) and provide you with a special shipping address.

Note: Please check the merchandise carefully when you receive them from the courier. The damage or loss caused in the process of the transportation will be compensated by the insurance company but not us. If the clients find out the damage or the loss after the courier leaves, the insurance company may deny the compensation.

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