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Kingston sd card class 10 64gb
Product name : Kingston sd card class 10 64gb

Model Number : TK-SD64C10

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OEM SD SDHC SDXC 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Class 10 High Speed Flash Memory Card, China manufacturer/factory

1. High speed SD card
2. Brand new&5 years warranty
3. Fast delivery&high quality sdcard
4. Mixed batch&OEM&ODM
5. Operating systems: All of our SD card can work on windows vista/XP/2000/me/98/95 and mac OS 8.6 and above;

Product features:
1. Unique design style for the goldfinger, the most bright, the thickest gold-plating(8um-10um), can prevent goldfinger oxidation cause bad contact. ( market generally is 2-3um)
2. The most popular and compatible digital camera storage format
3. Grade a high-performance card can save your time when you transmit the data from camera to PC

SDHC card writing speed: About 13.0m/s; Reading speed: About 18.0m/s
SD card speed level: Class 10.
SD memory card operating voltage: 3.3V.
SD flash card dimensions: 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm.
Compatible device: Digital camera, digital single lens reflex, avigraph, vidicon, PDA, laptop, computer, MP3 player.
Chip: All chips are made from Taiwan original manufacture like Samsung, micron, Toshiba, intel. And also some of them are made from good die SLC and MLC.
Standard: According with the SD card association memory standard.
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