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Pantone Matching
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Get Your Branded Memory Sticks Pantone Matched

If you’ve taken a look at our product range you’ll see that we can supply a wide range of USB memory sticks in a huge range of different colours and styles. Whichever memory stick you choose we’re confident that the finished printed product will look fantastic and we’ve got loads of images on our web site of previous examples we’ve produced to help you choose.

If you’re struggling to decide them remember we do offer a free design and mock-up service – just email over (or upload) your logo to us and we’ll work up some examples for you using different colours and styles – just let us know if you’ve narrowed it down to any memory sticks in particular and we’ll focus on these for you.

One option you might want to consider is to Pantone Match the body shell of the memory stick to one of the primary colours from your logo or brand. All of our USB flash drives are shown in the range of “standard” factory colours, e.g. red, white, black etc. but some, like the Twister range can be produced in any colour you want. 

So if you are looking for something a little different and something that will help your brand really stand out then Pantone Matching might be the way to go. A pantone matched memory stick is effectively a “one-off”, a bespoke product produced only for you and typically it would incur set-up fees.

USB Pantone MatchingPantone matching is currently available on the following memory sticks:

  1. Twister Flash Drive
  2. Leather USB Flash Drive
  3. Wooden USB Flash Drive
  4. Plastic USB Flash Drive
  5. Custom USB Flash Drive
  6. Card USB Flash Drive 

We can of course pantone match any specific memory stick in the range but outside of these a small set-up fee will be charged.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for pantone matched memory sticks then just give us a call and we can talk you through the options and arrange a free quotation and free mock-up of what your pantone matched memory sticks might look like.

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